How To Improve Your CRS Score?

With Canada’s CRS draw held on June 12, 2019, the cut-off score was observed with a decline of 5 points. Furthermore, the future seems to be unpredictable. But, to increase the chances of immigration, its important you should have a high CRS score.

You may show proof of funds to be confident in supporting your family. But, that wouldn’t be sufficient to get you through the competition. So, to help you out, let’s go through ways in which you can boost the CRS score. 

Ways to boost CSR score

As the candidates are invited for applying to permanent residence, it’s crucial to improve the CRS score. But, most of the methods can take a lot of effort and time.

1. Reappear for language tests

Initially, it’s always better to improve the language proficiency score. To do so, the principal applicant can reappear for the tests.

Before moving ahead, the individual has to understand how proficiency can affect the CRS score.

Under Category A, the candidate earns a maximum of 128 points if they are planning to enter Canada with a spouse. On the other hand, if the individual is the only one who is going to enter the country, then a maximum of 136 points may be awarded.

For Category C, results of advanced language proficiency tests can lead to the distribution of points. However, the individual would only be awarded 100 points extra along with the credentials.

Officials would also consider the work experience when the competition is quite intense in the CRS draw.

It should be noted that a candidate can take the tests as many times he or she desires.

But, while the score gets revised, they need to present the current results. Such kind of results would be taken into account only when the Express Entry profile is active.

2. Think about taking your spouse with you

Including your life partner can also affect the Express Entry points. If the person is entering the country without anybody else, then 1200 points are set aside.

But, in case he or she is with the spouse, then the individual could earn maximum 1160 points. The spouse, at that point of time, could receive a maximum of 40 points.

If the person’s spouse scores more than the principal applicant, then the case is different. At that instance, both receive permanent residence status. While both are allowed to submit the profile, only one member is entitled to apply for permanent residence.

If the language tests don’t serve to improve the CRS score, then the person can avail some other methods. He or she can achieve a high score, but that can take a long time.

3. Seek a valid job offer

Under the other methods, an individual can get 50 or 200 points through a valid job offer. While presenting the job offer, he or she should note that he gets the offer from a Canadian employer.

With many cases of frauds, the applicant should be careful when he decides to work in Canada. In case the employer is asking for money before offering a job, then this is illegal in Canada. The applicant should then scrutinize before taking any decision. He or she should consider applying to another opportunity in a firm established in Canada.

As the officials consider the job offer, specific criteria have to be met. The job offer should be for a full-time position and must be under the skill levels, 0, A and B. Regardless of what the case might be, the LMIA may or may not support the job offer.

4. Try to obtain a provincial nomination

If the person is nominated from a province, then 600 points would be added to the score. This would undoubtedly help later when the CRS draw in held in the country.

But, to boost the CRS score, it’s necessary to go through a procedure for the PNP stream. Besides, the applicant may have to pay some processing fees and be patient until everything moves on smoothly. Above all, the person should also have to meet some eligibility requirements.

5. Enhance your educational background

Educational credentials can be yet another aspect to boost CRS score. The certificates can surely help to attain permanent residence in less time.

If you’re not sure how to start, then an International Student Program can help you.

For any of the programs, you need to get a certificate which shows that you have studied in a school located in Canada.

6. Consider work experience important

Finally, additional skilled work experience can also help you in the CRS draw. You can qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program in case you’re working for a Canadian employer.

Once you worked for a maximum of 5 years in Canada, you can receive many points.

On the contrary, if you have worked for more than three years in a region outside Canada, then you can get maximum points for the CRS score as well. But, once you plan to apply, you should ensure that the work experience is within the past ten years.

So, to enhance your profile, you should continue to work no matter what you are going through in life.

7. The tie-breaker rule

In case the score is the same as that of someone else, then the tie-breaking rule would apply. In such a scenario, you would have to submit the profile immediately. This step needs to be taken well in advance. You shouldn’t wait till the last minute when the officials specify the tie-breaker rule.

Soon after you have submitted the profile, your score would be checked with the cut-off score. If the score matches the expected score, then you are sure to get the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

On a concluding note, you always need to think with a broader perspective. You must focus on all the factors instead of just one factor. Try pushing yourself forward to consider one factor one after the other.

If you could probably try improving two or three areas, then it can mean a great achievement. You would soon be accomplishing your dream to immigrate to Canada. The officials would not change their minds for issuing an ITA when the time arrives.

Learn How To Improve Your CRS Score?
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Learn How To Improve Your CRS Score?
Learn How To Improve Your CRS Score? Reappear for language tests, Try to obtain a provincial nomination, Enhance your educational background and a lot more.
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