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Working Holiday

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa for Portuguese Citizens

Way back in the year 2018, an agreement was signed between Canada and Portugal.

So if you have a Portuguese passport then you are about to commence on a compelling voyage! With the Canada Working Holiday Visa, we will now elaborate on the criteria’s required for the application. We at The Immigration Consultants take pride in helping all Portuguese passport holders with a lifetime opportunity of working and living in Canada on the Holiday Working Visa, which in turn would lead to becoming a permanent residency for Canada. Our expertise and start to end assistance in the entire processing make us stand out among the rest.

What is the Working Holiday Stream?

The Working Holiday stream is suitable for those who wish to work with numerous Canadian employers. The person is allowed to even go to Canada when he doesn’t have a job offer. In such a scenario, the person gets an open work permit. While the person can work for two years, they can save more once they reside in Canada. To qualify for the program, the person must be a citizen of Portugal. Besides, he should have a valid passport for staying in Canada.

For covering up the expenses in the country, the person has to present proof of funds. He or she at least have CAN$2,500 in the bank account. Moreover, the person has to present health insurance documents when he plans to live in Canada. Apart from everything else, the person should have a round-trip ticket.
In case he doesn’t have a ticket, then he should be capable of purchasing a departure ticket. Moreover, he or she should be able to buy the ticket once the term of residence lapses. However, when applying, the spouse and children can’t accompany the principal applicant.

To be admissible to Canada, every applicant would go through an upfront medical examination. In addition, the person would also be checked for criminal records before the profile is approved. If the person has been engaged in terrorism or subversion in the past, he isn’t allowed to enter Canada. On the other hand, the officials would reject the application if the person has committed crimes against humanity.

About the fees for the program

The fees that need to be paid vary from category to category. An online tool can guide you to pay the application fees. But, the payment options always depend on two aspects. Firstly, the option may depend on the location from where the applicant is paying.

For the year 2021, the IEC participation fee is CAN$156. If the officials insist on giving biometrics, the person has to pay an additional CAD 85. The biometric fee has to be paid apart from the participation fee.

How are many working holiday visas from Canada available for Portugal?

The Canada-Portugal agreement determines the number of work permits available for Portuguese in Canada. Every year, this agreement is renewed. Working holiday permits for Portuguese were issued in the number of 1,750 during IEC 2020. This does not guarantee that the same number of permits will be available the following year. It should, however, be nearby.

Types of jobs I can apply for with my International Experience Canada work permit?

You can find employment in multiple areas as it depends on you as to what is your preference and requirement in terms of employment. You can work in many different areas. For e.g., tourism and hospitality industries (restaurants, pubs, and hotels) and if you have a degree qualification and experience supporting your education you can also find jobs in Education, Law, Communication, Commerce sector. If you are a young professional applying, then your job must match your professional development classified as a National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code Skill Type Level 0, A or B

How long is the work permit valid for Portuguese passport holders?

Unlike many other countries, the Portuguese passport holder can receive a Working Holiday work permit for up to two years, which means all Portuguese passport holders willing to apply under the IEC are eligible to receive an open work permit for up to 2 years.

What support do I receive from TIC after receiving my IEC?

At TIC, we value all our customers and take them to be a part of our TIC family. We extend our support to clients in connecting to the right source for their initial start-up days in Canada. In Canada, it is relatively easier for international immigrants to acquire jobs in the retail, customer service or hospitality sector as beginners while they are getting used to the standard of living and city life. We have a separate team of recruitment which will assist our clients to source applications on various job portals on their behalf, making the job search easier. Our We-connect program allows you to connect with our Alumni living or studying in Canada for assistance while accustomed to the local culture.

Why should I choose TIC over anyone else?

We have been counselling students for the Working Holiday Visa in India and have been helping them realise their dream of immigrating to Canada.

  • Complete assistance right from the start to end while making your work permit application
  • Pre-departure orientation to prepare for your arrival to Canada and receive your IEC work permit
  • Arranging for your Biometrics & Medicals
  • Guidance on opening your free bank account, SIN number, phone plan, and more.
  • Forex Transfers at affordable rates
  • Job applications
  • Support from our team throughout your work experience.

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