Why do people move to Canada?

So just why do people move to Canada? With its lenient immigration policies and a high standard of living, Canada has become an ideal location for the immigrants. Approximately 200,000 migrate to Canada every year. The United Nations have voted it as the best place to live in, in terms of living standards. Here are some of the reasons as to why thousands of people immigrate to Canada every year.

1)  Plenty of Job opportunities

Canada has an ageing population and, they require highly skilled as well as low skilled workers who can support their economy and make maximum utilization of their natural resources. They are also in search of people trained in the healthcare sector who can look after their ageing population.

Canada, with its large number of job vacancies and incentives, attracts a lot of immigrants to move to the country and settle there with their families. It is like a win-win situation for both sides as the nation gets the workforce to run its economy and the immigrants are provided with permit residency, better standard of living and a promising future for themselves and their families.

2)  Welfare economy

Canada offers a range of welfare programs to its citizens.

a)  Free basic health care

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the finest in the world. Most of the communities are equipped with hospitals and excellent doctors.

Essential medical services are considered to be a right in Canada; citizens have full access to similar healthcare facilities all over the country. The health insurance program is funded publicly and, people registered under it are provided medical facilities free of cost. The government makes payments to hospitals and doctors. 

b)  Excellent education system

The schools in Canada are recognized all over the world for their academic excellence. The Canadian government ensures that each of its citizens is at least provided with primary education. Education is available free of cost in public schools up to the 12th standard. 

 Canada also has some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many international students move to Canada to pursue their higher studies. There is a wide range of academic and vocational courses provided by the college. Students who have passed out from a Canadian institution and have Canadian credentials have an added benefit as they don’t have to give Education Credential Assessment (ECA) while applying for permanent residency in Canada.

c)  Unemployment insurance

It is most unlikely that you lose your job in Canada, but in case you do, the government has got you covered. Canadian citizens are entitled to 60 per cent of their previous wages if they end up losing their job. This is applicable under one condition, i.e. if the person has worked in the country for at least six months. The maximum amount a resident might earn in a year is $ 51,300.

d)  Social welfare and safety

The government of Canada provides its citizens with social welfare allowance if they are unable to fend for themselves and their families or are unable to find a job. It ranked among the top nations when it comes to personal freedom. The residents are free from the political domination and, their rights are protected. It is also among one of the safest nations in the world with a low level of crimes and political stability.

e)  Child welfare

The Canadian government ensures that no child is neglected or faces abuse. It offers a supporting hand to families who lack adequate means for bringing up their child. Every month a fixed amount is given by the federal and the provincial government based on the parents’ last year income. The government, aided by some private organizations provide specific services that support or substitute parental care and supervision. 

f) Pension Plan

According to the Canadian Pension Plan, an eligible applicant is entitled to receive a pension after retirement every month. The optimal age to receive a pension is 65 years; it reduces if you start receiving it at the age of 60 and increases if you receive it at the age of 70.

 The amount a resident receives as pension every month is based upon the number of years he has been a resident of Canada. The amount reaches its maximum when the eligible candidate has been a resident of Canada for forty or more years after the age of 18. There is a reduction by ¼ of the full amount for each year less than forty.

3) Immigrant-friendly nation

 Canada is recognized globally as a nation that respects individual rights and is tolerant of different cultures and ethnicity. With its multiculturalism as its official policy, Canada has become an ultimate destination for immigrants. Approximately 20 per cent of Canada’s population is immigrants. 

With the US economy crumbling and the presence of numerous barriers because of the Trump rule, people are looking for alternatives. Every year it welcomes almost two times the number of newcomers admitted by the United States, in terms of percentage of the total population. The largest city of Canada, Toronto, has immigrants as half of the people.

 According to the data provided by the 2015 Legatum Global Prosperity Index (November 2015), 92 per cent of people who live in Canada display tolerance towards ethnic minorities and, the same number of people believe that Canada is a suitable nation for immigrants. Dual citizenship is also allowed in the country. 

4) Living conditions in cities

People want to move to Canada to live a comfortable life with a high standard of living. Canada, with its booming economy and incredible job opportunities, fulfills the purpose of the immigration. According to The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), the cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary in Canada have been ranked among the TOP 5 “most livable cities in the world”, continuously, for the past several years.

The above factors show that Canada is an optimal destination for immigrants. The lucrative job opportunities and a desire for a better lifestyle are some of the incentives for the people for moving to Canada. People immigrate to Canada with a dream of starting a new life and the citizenship of Canada for themselves and their families.

Why do people move to Canada
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Why do people move to Canada
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