The Immigration Consultants

Practice areas:

The Immigration Consultants (TIC) specializes in areas of Canadian immigration like Permanent Resident, Work Permit, Study Permit, Citizenship, Family Sponsorship and Business Investment.

Responsibilities and Commitments:

TIC follows all the Codes of Professional Ethics and shall deliver timely and diligent services as mutually discussed and stated in the agreement with the Client.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

Fees: TIC shall charge the Client a flat professional fee as per required, discussed and agreed services and as per a written Initial Consultation Agreement or Retainer Agreement.

Exclusions: Exclusions of the professional fees are the following:

  1. The client will make payments directly to the respective institution or association like ECA, IELTS, Biometrics, Police Verification and medicals.
  2. Any settlement services on arriving in Canada.
  3. Provincial and Federal Government fees imposed by the immigration authorities or the Government.
  4. Payment for Net-worth evaluation and financial report by the third party.
  5. Payment for creating a business establishment plan is required to apply.
  6. Travel expenses like flight tickets, transportation, accommodation, lodging, food, etc.
  7. Any fees related to the transfer of funds to Canada.
  8. Expenses related to appearing for an interview by the province.
  9. Any bank-related charges or currency conversion fees involved in the transfer of fees

Bills/Invoice: Invoices will be per the terms and conditions mentioned in the Client’s Retainer Agreement. All bills/invoices shall be sent to the Client by email. Hard copies can be provided if requested by email by the Client. All invoices shall comprise of:

  1. Client’s name &address,
  2. A list of services provided to the client,
  3. The date(s) the services were rendered and
  4. The fees and applicable taxes are payable to the member for the services rendered.

Frequency of Invoice:  TIC shall email the invoice to the Client when it is due.

Mode of Payment: Payment can be made through Bank/wire transfer in INR ₹ according to the invoice and account details mentioned therein. Rupee Pay, Master card and visa are also accepted.

Payment due date: All payments shall be due within two weeks from the invoice date. Additional two weeks may be provided under exceptional circumstances and upon request sent by email.

Changes in fees: Any changes in the immigration department/government fees will be informed in advance.


TIC maintain a high degree of security for electronic communication and information storage. Accordingly, it shall not divulge any information or documents to any third party without the client’s prior consent or if demanded by the Council or required under the law.

Client File Management Policy:

TIC’ shall adhere to the following:

  • Build and preserve a straightforward, brief and simple process to create, track, store, recover files, maintain the security of the content and follow guidelines to close, retain and dispose of files.
  • Storing the primary and backup documents in hard copies and soft copies: hard copies are stored safely in lockers, and soft copies in office hard drives and on an encrypted cloud server.
  • Preserve the latest and proper records of the Client and all shared Client file to an authorized representative.

TIC shall ensure that: 

  • The client’s initial process will commence with signing agreement and creation of a file, labelled with a UID number.
  • TIC maintains photocopies of all agreements including initial consultation agreement, retainer agreement, supporting documents client property, billing documents, copies of the correspondences with or in relation to the client, his/her appointed representative, copies of the written authorization from the client about his/her appointed representative, copies of documents that have been drafted by or on behalf of the client and copies of all applications submitted by or on behalf of the client for immigration or citizenship.
  • TIC store all the physical property of the client in a secured manner and location, to ensure client confidentiality and to prevent damage or misplacing it. 
  • TIC shall ensure at the time of closing a client file that there are no pending or outstanding payments between the client/appointed representative and TIC. All documents will be returned to the client and written acknowledgement will be received from them for the same. The retention period of a client file shall be 6 years post closure from the time the file is declared closed.

TIC shall ensure that the following adherence are complied with for storing and returning client property: 

  • Client files are stored separately and are easily distinguishable from office records/files.
  • Account for the client property within 14 calendar days from when it was demanded by the client and handed over within 30 calendar days. If it is impossible to adhere to the timelines, TIC shall negotiate an achievable timeline.
  • Securely hand over the client file to the client after the termination of the retainer agreement.

TIC shall ensure: 

  • In the event of service withdrawal, while returning the Client property to the client or their appointed representative.
  • Co-operate with the successor to ensure a smooth transition for the client’s benefit.

TIC shall be sensitive while destroying the client files:

  • To Maintain a log of all destroyed files containing the Client’s name and address.
  • Client’s details are kept confidential while destroying the file

TIC shall lay absolute emphasis on:

  • Maintaining client confidentiality at all time.
  • Protecting clients’ personal identifiable information along with all the documents.

Termination of Agreement:

The retainer agreement will be considered terminated:

  • Upon completion of tasks identified in the agreement.
  • Material changes occur to the client’s application or eligibility, making it impossible to proceed with services detailed in the retainer agreement.

Dispute Resolution Related to the Code of Professional Ethics:

Every effort is to be made by both the client and TIC to resolve any dispute. However, if not resolved, then the client must present the complaint to TIC in writing, and TIC will respond in 14 days.

Governing Law:

The agreement shall be governed by the laws in effect Inda except for any dispute in terms of the agreement. All disputes shall be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction within South Goa, Goa, India.