Prince Edward Islands Provincial Nominee Program (EINP)

The Prince Edward Islands Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration benefit service that is the same as throughout the rest of Canada. The program helps people find a suitable settlement in the province along with their families. The nomination for EINP is based on the skill set of the individual in question, with them being judged based on a criteria that vary from province to province.
However, what all of the province nominee programs share is the fact that they can be applied for via different streams.

The Selection Criteria for the Prince Edward Islands Provincial Nominee Program

For application into the EINP, you can choose one of a few different streams. You can choose the express entry stream or the business entry stream. For the express entry method, you need to be:

  • Be qualified for any one of the following immigration programs:
    • A federal skilled worker
    • A federal skilled trader
    • A Canadian experienced class worker
  • Meet criteria designated for the Skilled Worker Stream, which can be found below.
  • Give the Express Entry Profile Number and the Job Seeker Validation Code that is offered to you by the IRCC when you join the Express Entry pool.
  • Are ready to reside permanently in the Northwest Territories

Selection Criteria for Skilled Worker Stream

To qualify for this stream, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be an industry association, registered business, or a local, municipal, First Nation or Territorial Government, in the Edward Island province;
  • Have been registered for no less than six months
  • Have a good reputation with Edward Island’s Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission and Edward Island’s’ Employment Standards office;
  • Offer a foreign national the opportunity to be a permanent resident (minimum 30 hours per week);
  • The employment contract has to meet the territories’ Employment Standards Act;
    • The employment contract must not contradict any bargaining agreements made previously.
  • Provide proof of both kinds of advertising with summary;
    • The summary of the results needs to have an attached list of all application forms received for the advertisement.
  • Provide an industry rate of pay that is comparable based on the businesses’ existing workforce’s rate-of-pay, the rate-of-pay which was advertised, and the rate-of-pay in the LMIA; and
  • Must meet the LMIA agreement.

How to Apply

To apply for the EINP program, you need to do the following:

  • Check whether you are qualified to apply for an immigration program stream to get your permanent resident, after assessing which stream best suits your needs. To do so, you will need to check the application guides and make sure you can meet their Eligibility Requirements.
  • Apply to the most feasible and encouraging Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program Stream. Make sure you follow all of the steps in the Document Check List of your stream.
  • Have all of your credentials assessed and confirmed. Based on them, look for some employment if you have not done so before. Try and improve your English and French language skills.
  • Make sure to have your refusal letter or provincial nomination certificate.
  • Once nominated, your application will be delivered to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada. They will scrutinize your application and determine whether you can have permanent residency or not. During this procedure, they will ask you to pass multiple medical tests while also expecting a clear criminal record.
  • Develop your budget for the next 3 to 6 months meanwhile and be prepared financially.

What To Do Once You Are Nominated

Once you have been nominated, you will have to apply for permanent residency in the time limit allotted for that application.