Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP)

Ontario attracts immigrants like a moth to a flame. Being the capital province of Ontario, it is the first choice of every immigrant due to its excellent environment, facilities, and infrastructure. The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program or better known as the Ontario PNP program is directed at choosing skilled candidates from the crowd who happen possess sufficient experience and skill to contribute to the development of Ontario and the country.

The Ontario Ontario PNP Program allows foreign workers and students along with others possessing the right education, experience, and skill set so that they can apply for permanent residence in Ontario. Individuals need to have proper documentation. Also, they need to show their expertise and skills to get a job offer. The applications to the Ontario Ontario PNP Program are acknowledged via OINP e-Filing Portal. If you are lucky to get a full-time job offer, you could apply via the Employer Job Offer Stream. If you don’t, you need to meet all the requirements and then apply to the IRCC’s Express Entry linked system.

You could apply via any of the following OINP immigration categories and get your PR visit to Canada.

Ontario Express Entry

• Human Capital Priorities Stream
• French- Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

General Category (Employer Category)

• Foreign Workers with a Job Offer Stream

International Student Category

• International Students with a Job Offer Stream
• International Students with a Masters Graduate Stream
• International Students with a PhD Graduate System

Business Category

• The Corporate Stream
• The Entrepreneur Stream

Requirements for the Ontario PNP

You have to state your goal to live and work for all time in Ontario on your application. When the applicant gets acknowledged into the program, Ontario will assign that applicant along with his/her spouse and permanent residency in 2019.
One has to meet the following requirements to get a Canada permanent resident card:

• A permanent, full-time job offer in a skilled occupation from an employer operating in Saskatchewan.
• Skilled experience in their occupational field according to the requirement of the program.
• A qualification diploma or a certificate from a reputed and recognized university.
• A clear intention to live and establish a life in Ontario.
• All the applicants of OINP must have an Express Entry profile with a score of 400 points or more of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). This score should be maintained throughout the provincial and federal processing.

Application Process for the Ontario PNP

When applying for a permanent residence in Ontario through the Provincial Nominee Program, there are three main steps of the application process:
• Once you are selected for the stream you would want to apply under, see that you qualify for all the mandatory requirements of that particular stream.
• After you have selected your stream, you need to apply online via the OINP e-Filing portal so that the Ontario government can nominate you. The completion of the application would take about 2 to 3 hours.
• The application cost for the employer job offer and the human capital streams is either $1500 or $2000, and the business streams are $3,500 per business partner or the key staff applicant.

After Nomination

Once your application is successful, and you get nominated by the Ontario government, the next step requires you apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence through IRCC.