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How to register your Portuguese birth record and obtain your Portuguese Passport in Goa?

Portuguese nationality is achievable for those born before 1961 in the historic Portuguese State of India, in line with the Portuguese Nationality Law 37/81, including its subsequent amendments. Our immigration consultancy firm in Goa aids clients in navigating the Portuguese passport application process. With our expertise, you can secure your Portuguese passport swiftly. Reach out to us for more details.

Unlock the Secrets of Portuguese Birth Registration for Goans: Get Your Portuguese Passport Today!

Are you a Goan longing to discover your ancestral land, explore family traditions, or expand your European business opportunities? Look no further! Our consultancy firm in Goa offers a solution to help Portuguese birth registration for Goans and obtain a Portuguese passport. 

Since Brexit, the number of British citizens wanting to obtain a Portuguese passport has surged. Many who had not considered Portuguese citizenship before Brexit have now opted for British-Portuguese dual citizenship to maintain their freedom to travel throughout the European Union. However, the process of obtaining a Portuguese passport can be complex and time-consuming. Improperly prepared applications can cause needless delays, and some applicants are even rejected due to a lack of knowledge about the law.

We have the solution if you’re a Goan eager to reconnect with your ancestral roots, delve into family traditions, or broaden your European business horizons. Our consultancy firm in Goa specializes in Portuguese birth registration for Goans, helping them acquire a Portuguese passport.

Eligibility Criteria for Goan Descendants to Apply for a Portuguese Nationality &Passport. Do descendants also qualify?

Under the Portuguese Nationality Law, 37/81, the best candidates for Portuguese naturalization are the children, grandchildren, spouse (married and unmarried partners in long-term relationships), and individuals legally residing in Portugal. However, other determining factors, such as the possession and verification of requisite documents, proof of Portuguese lineage, and various civil registration processes, must be carefully analyzed by an experienced professional, and a strategy for the whole family must be established from the start.

Registration for Portuguese nationality based on birth during Portuguese rule is open to everyone, even posthumously, with eligibility extending to descendants up to the third generation. During their lifetime, individuals can personally apply. If they’ve passed away, their descendants can apply on their behalf.

Individuals born in the erstwhile Portuguese territories of Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra, Nagar Haveli, and their subsequent generations are eligible for Portuguese nationality if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Birth Registration in Portugal for Goans before 19 December, 1961
  2. Marriage Certificate Registration for Goans in Portugal
  3. Birth Registration in Portugal for Goans after 19 December, 1961

What are the Qualifications for Goans to apply for Portugal nationality?

To qualify for Portuguese citizenship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have been born in the former Portuguese territories of Goa, Daman, Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli during the period of Portuguese sovereignty, which extends until 19 December 1961.

  • You can also be eligible if you are a descendant of parents or grandparents who were born in the aforementioned territories during the time of Portuguese rule.

  • It’s essential to provide evidence of your residence during the period of 1974 / 1975.

  • Individuals born in the former Portuguese territories during the Portuguese sovereignty era have their rights safeguarded through official birth records in Portugal.

  • The documentation of these records and other pertinent details are crucial for supporting your application for Portuguese citizenship, involving the submission of relevant historical documents.

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Why is the Portuguese Nationality a Key to the European Union for Goans?

Goa has a rich history of Portuguese colonization spanning over four centuries. The Portuguese influence on Goan culture, language, and architecture during this era is profound. Many Goans have Portuguese ancestry, which might qualify them for citizenship through family connections. Acquiring Portuguese nationality strengthens their ties to their ancestral homeland and provides them EU citizenship benefits.

One of the primary benefits of obtaining Portuguese nationality for Goans is its access to the European Union. As a certified citizen of Portugal, you have the right to live, work, and study in any EU country without a visa. This opens up a world of travel, education, and career advancement opportunities. Additionally, you can access the EU healthcare system and various social welfare programs.

1. Portuguese Birth Registration for Goans Before 19 December, 1961

For individuals aiming to secure Portuguese nationality based on birth in Goa before 19 December 1961, a distinct set of documents is paramount:

  1. Applicant’s Birth Certificate or Birth Teor, which is vital for those seeking a Portuguese passport. 
  2. Identification Document – This can be the Indian Passport, complemented by either an Aadhaar Card, Election Card, or Driving License. It’s essential that these details correspond with the Birth Certificate. 
  3. Death Certificate, if the applicant has passed away. Birth Certificate/Birth Teor and Marriage 
  4. Certificate/Marriage Teor of the applicant’s parents, crucial for verification in Portugal. 
  5. A Residence Certificate detailing the current residence and the duration of stay from 1 January 1974 to 31 December 1975. (Specific formats will be provided upon the submission of the aforementioned documents). 

After collating and presenting all necessary documents to the Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais in Lisbon, Portugal, the Portuguese Nationality/Birth Registration process generally takes about 2 – 3 years. This timeline hinges on the successful verification of the Birth and Marriage Teor/Certificate of both the applicant and their parents by the pertinent Portuguese authorities.

It’s vital to note that the internal document verification process, orchestrated between the Portuguese and Indian Government authorities, is confidential. Estimating a precise completion date can be intricate due to unforeseen elements like internal document assessments, the necessity for additional documents, or alterations in policies or laws in either Portugal or India. Such variables are unforeseeable and beyond our control.

2. Portuguese Marriage Certificate Registration for Goans in Portugal

For Goans looking to obtain Portuguese nationality by registering their marriage in Portugal, a specific set of documents is essential:

  1. Assento de Nascimento (Photocopy): This is the birth certificate the Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais issued in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s crucial to understand that this certificate can only be acquired after completing Stage 1, which involves the registration of birth in the Conservatoria de Registos Centrais.
  2. Applicant’s Marriage Certificate: A certified copy of the marriage certificate is necessary for those applying for a Portuguese passport.
  3. Spouse’s Birth Certificate: A verified copy of the spouse’s birth certificate is crucial for verification in Portugal.
  4. Identification Documents: The spouse’s Indian Passport, supplemented by an Aadhaar Card. It’s vital that the details on these identification documents match those on the birth certificate.
  5. Spouse’s Death Certificate: This is only required if the spouse has passed away.

After gathering and submitting all the required documents to the Conservatoria, do Registo Civil in Lisbon, Portugal, the Marriage Registration Process typically spans 3 to 4 months. This duration depends on the successful verification of the spouse’s Birth/Marriage certificate.

It’s significant to mention that the internal verification process, carried out between the Portuguese and Indian Government authorities, remains confidential. Due to various factors, such as internal document verification, potential additional document requests, or shifts in policies or laws in either Portugal or India, the exact completion date remains uncertain. These factors, beyond our control, can affect the process’s length.

3. Portuguese Birth Registration for Goans After 19 December, 1961

Required Documents:

  1. Assento de Nascimento and Assento de Casamento Copies: These are pivotal records for those seeking Portuguese nationality. The Assento de Nascimento is the birth certificate, and the Assento de Casamento is the marriage certificate. Both are issued in Lisbon, Portugal – the former by the Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais and the latter by the Conservatoria do Registo Civil. These certificates are accessible after the successful registration of a parent’s birth and marriage in Portugal. 
  2. Applicant’s Birth Certificate: This document is essential for those pursuing a Portuguese passport, as it verifies the applicant’s date and place of birth. 
  3. Identification Documents: A valid Indian Passport is necessary, supplemented by an Aadhaar Card. It’s crucial that these details align with the Birth Certificate for proper verification in Portugal. 

The entire Birth Registration Process in Portugal typically takes 8 – 10 months from the time your documents are presented to the Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais in Lisbon. This duration hinges on the successful verification of the applicant’s Birth Certificate by the relevant Portuguese authorities. 

It’s vital to understand that the document verification process, orchestrated between Portuguese and Indian Government authorities, remains confidential. Estimating an exact completion date can be intricate due to unforeseen elements like internal document assessments, the necessity for additional documents, or alterations in Portuguese or Indian policies and laws. Such variables are unforeseeable and beyond our control.

Steps to Obtain a Portuguese Passport

  1. Notarization and Apostille: Start by gathering the required documents and getting them apostilled for verification by Portuguese authorities.
  2. Central Registry Submission: You can hire TIC as your representation to submit your documents.
  3. Document Collection: Compile essential documents, including old Portuguese administration records, parents’ Marriage and Birth Certificates, and your documents.
  4. Application Review: The Portuguese government will thoroughly review submitted applications. You might need to provide additional documents or clarify specific details.
  5. Citizenship Issuance: Once approved, you’ll receive a birth certificate confirming your Portuguese nationality, which you can use to apply for a passport and citizen card.
  6. Effective Communication and Follow-up: Many applications face challenges due to communication gaps and insufficient follow-ups. Our service ensures efficient application tracking and updates.

You can successfully achieve Portuguese nationality and sidestep common obstacles by adhering to these steps.

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