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Portugal Passport

Looking to obtain citizenship in Portugal?

Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can help you navigate the process with ease. We’ll assist you in understanding the specific requirements, including any deadlines or restrictions that may apply. We’ll also help you gather the necessary documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, and ensure that they meet all necessary requirements.


Additionally, we’ll guide you through the complex and time-consuming application process, including assisting you with completing the necessary forms and submitting your application. With personalized support tailored to meet your unique needs, we’ll help you achieve your goal of obtaining Portuguese citizenship.

Digital Nomad Visa

Are you a digital nomad looking for a new adventure in Portugal? Our English-speaking lawyers offer full legal assistance to help you relocate and work as a freelancer or for your employer in Portugal. We provide exclusive support for visas, residence permits, taxes, corporate issues, and real estate.

Portugal is a great destination for nature lovers, foodies, and those seeking peace and fun. Remote workers from around the world are moving to Portugal to experience the freedom of a diverse country. As a non-habitual resident, you can also enjoy the range of tax benefits on offer. Fill out our form now and let our expert lawyers help you make your move to Portugal as a digital nomad!

portugal digital nomad visa
portugal job seeker visa

Job Seeker Visa

Looking for job opportunities in Portugal? The job seeker visa is here to help you find work and live in the beautiful country of Portugal. With this visa, you can stay in Portugal for 120 days and even renew for another 60 days while searching for work. The visa allows only one entry into Portugal, but once you’ve secured employment during the validity of your visa, you can apply for a residence permit.

To apply, you must fulfil the general conditions for granting a temporary residence permit. Our team can guide you through the process and ensure you meet all requirements for visa issuance. If you need to extend your visa, our team can assist you by providing the necessary documents for visa renewal. Begin your job search journey in Portugal today!