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Express Entry

(Permeant Residency)

Under this process, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Under FSW Points Grid, Score a minimum of 67 points
  • In the last 10 years, you must have at least 1 year of continuous, paid, full-time Work Experience
  • Pass an English language test (IELTS) with a minimum of CLB 9
  • Get your qualifications assessed by a Canadian evaluation body
  • Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada

In general, the process for immigrating to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program consists of 5 steps:

  1. Know your eligibility
  2. Create your Express Entry Profile
  3. Wait for your ITA
  4. Prepare and submit your application
  5. Receive confirmation for your permanent residency

Student Visa

Canada has been one of the most popular destinations to pursue studies. In 2021, more than 60,000 students were admitted to some of the top colleges. If you meet the below-given requirements, you may apply for a study visa in Canada:

  1. A DLI college has accepted your application.
  2. You have paid at least one year of tuition fees in advance.
  3. You should also have a GIC certificate for CAD 10,000
  4. You should prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your college fee and other living expenses.
  5. You must prove that you have no criminal record.
  6. You should produce a copy of your medical certificate. 
  7. While writing your SOP, you must also convince the officer that you will leave Canada after completing your studies.
study visa

IEC - Working Holiday Visa

Do you hold Portuguese citizenship/passport?

If yes, then you are about to commence an exciting voyage!  The International Experience Canada or IEC Canada program allows Portuguese or European Citizens to Work in Canada. This program only permits people with age between 18 and 35 years. Therefore, you can assure yourself to get a work permit quickly without an LMIA.The Working Holiday stream is suitable for those who wish to work on a 2 Year Open Work Permit in Canada. More importantly, you do not need a Job offer. To qualify for the program, the person must be a citizen of Portugal or any European Country, have a valid passport for the duration of his stay in Canada, a minimum of CAN$2,500 in the bank account and a round-trip ticket to your home country. 

For 2022, the IEC participation fee is CAN$156 and an additional CAD$100 for your open work permit. In addition, if the officials insist on giving biometrics, the person has to pay another CAD 85.

Super Visa

Canadian permanent resident or citizens now has the option to invite their parents and grandparents to live with them for up to 2 years. In addition, effective July 4, 2022, a super visa holder can live in Canada for up to 5 years continuously and also has the option for a two-year extension while living in Canada.

A super visa is generally valid for up to 10 years, saving your parents or grandparents the nuisance of reapplying for a ticket and visa each time they want to visit you.

The eligibility criteria for a Canadian super visa:

  1. You must be a grandparent or parent or a permanent resident or citizen.
  2. At the time of application, you must be outside of Canada
  3. Have an invitation letter from the child or grandchild you plan to visit in Canada. 
  4. Medical insurance coverage for a year
  5. Meet other admissibility requirements
Super visa
visit visa

Visit Visa

Canada’s tourist visa is required for any person visiting the country. A visitor Visa is an official document usually stuck on your passport and is typically valid for six months. So, for example, more visitors to Canada would need a visitor visa to enter Canada. To apply for this visa, you must be in excellent health, have a valid passport, have no criminal record, and have sufficient money to stay in Canada.

More importantly, it would help if you convinced the visa officer that you have ties to your home country—such as your job, your home, any financial assets you may have or even your family—that require you to return to your home country. The application cost for the visit visa is CAD100 (about ₹6,100 approx). In addition, a biometrics fee is CAD85 may also be applicable.

The 4-Step application process for a Canada tourist visa

  1. Fill out your Canadian Visit Visa application form.
  2. Pay the application processing fee.
  3. Visit your nearest Canadian VAC (Visa Application Center)with your passport and necessary documents 
  4. Keep track of your application online.

Spousal Work Permit

Apply for Canadian Spousal Visa and take advantage of an expedited 12-month processing period for sponsoring your common-law partner or spouse, whether they are in Canada on a valid temporary visa or living abroad. Sponsorship is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents for their spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner. Sponsors must be 18 years old, demonstrate that they do not obtain government support for reasons other than disabilities, and show that they can meet their partners’ basic financial needs. Canadian people who are currently living abroad must indicate that they plan to return to Canada to reside with the person they are sponsoring.

Spouses must be lawfully married to you and over the age of 18. Common-law partners must be 18 years old and have resided with you for at least 12 months. Conjugal partners should be 18 years old, have been in a relationship with you for at least 12 months, live outside of Canada, and are unable to live with you or marry you due to obstacles (e.g., same-sex marriage is not allowed in their country).

Spouse visa

GCMS Notes

Application for immigration, student visa, tourist visa, and citizenship are processed under a system by IRCC known as Global Case Management System (GCMS). The notes will include all the pertinent information used to process your case.

All communications to and from IRCC, including documents received from applicants, and observation by the visa officer, are all recorded in this system. The GCMS notes help the applicant with an in-depth and accurate view of his or her file on the IRCC system, thus helping the applicant take a more decisive step if needed.

3 Reasons why you should order your GCMS notes

  1. You have a clearer view of your application’s status, which will help you prepare for any document IRCC may request.
  2. In case of a refusal, you will receive detailed information as to why your application was refused and a detailed explanation. It would assist you in your reapplication.
  3. You can check if you or your agent have not made any mistakes in your application. By ordering GCMS Notes+, you can check if you or your representative have uploaded the proper documents.