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The Immigrations Consultants

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Effortless Portugal passport guidance: swift, reliable, and hassle-free assistance.

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Fast, seamless process for obtaining your Portugal passport efficiently.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

Expert lawyers ensuring smooth Portugal passport immigration processes.

How to get Your Portuguese nationality and passport in Goa?

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Our Services for Portuguese Passport/Nationality

Birth Registration for Goans Before 1961

Birth Registration for Goans After 1961

Marriage Certificate Registration for Goans

Birth Registration of Minor

Acquisition of nationality by the spouse of Portuguese citizen

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Unlock Your Portuguese Dream: Get Citizenship!

Need a Portuguese passport? I’ve got you covered! Let’s make your dreams of Portuguese nationality a reality, together!


Cutting-edge application tracking System

Experience seamless application tracking right from the comfort of your home, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and peace of mind.


Talk to the friendliest people you will ever know

“Engage with the warmest and most approachable individuals you’ll ever encounter right here.”

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About Us

Unleash Your Potential: Your Partner in Global Success

Hey there! Are you ready to dive headfirst into the fantastic world of global opportunities with a Portugal passport? Look no further because we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’re all about guiding and supporting aspiring talents and ambitious young professionals on their thrilling journey to success.

We believe your dreams and aspirations deserve more than just ordinary assistance. So, whether you’re exploring international studies or seeking a Portugal passport, we’re here to create personalized experiences that align perfectly with your goals. We’ve got your back, my friend!

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Now for Social Proof...

Shweta helped me achieve an overall band 8 in my IELTS, and Jason was very confident in his guidance since I did research everything he explained to me, which turned out to be true. I got my offer letter from Humber college within 8 weeks
Vishakha Nambiar e1638870101168
Vishakha Nambiar
I want to express my thankfulness and appreciation to TIC as they have helped me in every aspect. My IELTS trainer, Ms Shweta, was very friendly, and all the course material, including the course LMS provided, helped me achieve the band that I aimed for.
Bella Menezes
The Immigration Consultants is truly awesome. I did my IELTS coaching and scored 7.5 overall. While guiding me in my journey to study abroad, unlike other overseas education centres in Goa, they actually know what they are talking about.
Rohit Sahota

Are you ready to explore the world of opportunities with Portugal nationality? Look no further! We’re here to guide and support aspiring talents and ambitious young professionals on their exciting path towards success. Whether it’s studying abroad or obtaining Portugal nationality, we offer personalized experiences that align with their goals.

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