ITAs have now been issued to more than 92,000 individuals

According to the Express Entry draws in 2018, more than 90,000 candidates were considered as permanent residents in Canada. This figure was 41 per cent more than the one recorded for the year 2017. These were the findings as per the report of the Federal Government.

The findings were further confirmed through the 2018 year-end report for the system. This report was released on June 2 this year.

The hike in the number of candidates was due to an increase in the admission targets.

In future, Canada’s admission target would continue to rise annually. Moving ahead, people may become confident of settling in Canada. The hope is owing to the trend that could be perceived even when the year 2021 sets in and for years ahead.

As the draws were held, the applicants were eligible for three economic-class immigration programs. Additionally, the candidates could also move on with some portion of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

While interacting with IRCC, the increase in Express Entry admissions in 2018 seemed to be significant. This situation arose due to numerous applications processed in 2017. As the candidates went through the process, these were admitted for the Federal High Skilled program.

Apart from everything else, the hike was also due to the candidates who were selected for PNP in 2018.

During the selection process, the programs accepted not only principal applicants but also their family members.

Once the invitations were sent, eligible candidates became a part of the Express Entry pool. Later, every candidate was awarded a rank based on the CRS score.

Many factors are usually taken into account when the points have to be awarded. But, in case the CRS score is quite, then the candidate can follow ways to boost the score.

Once the list shows the highest-ranking candidates, an ITA is issued through draws. These draws are conducted regularly in the country approximately every two weeks.

After the Express Entry draws in 2018 , 53 per cent of the ITAs were issued to the Federal Skilled Worker Class candidates. This constituted 47, 523 invitations from a total of 89,800 ITAs.

As the results were announced, the government favored candidates with high human capital scores. The officials considered those candidates who fell under the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker Class.

In 2018, the second greatest number of ITAs was given to Canadian Experience Class candidates. However, 904 ITAs of the total invitations were sent to those under the Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Among the ones who received the invitations, 71 per cent did not request to add extra points. Way ahead, it has to be noted that only 5 per cent had received a job offer from employers in Canada.

A provincial invitation can always assure the candidate to receive an ITA. Besides, the invitation is considered as a factor that can award 600 points to boost the CRS score.

According to the data gathered in 2018, the number of Express Entry candidates with the above nomination was 10,802. This figure was relatively more than the one observed in 2017.

This was equivalent to 12 per cent of the invitations issued last year. The overall proportion was neither too large nor small than the ones in 2017.

Through the Express Entry-aligned PNPs, the Express Entry draws in 2018 also saw an increase in the number of new permanent residents.

IRCC further noted that 64 per cent of the candidates were allowed to enter Ontario. This situation occurred only when the candidates had applied for permanent residence through the system.

Among 122,247 applications submitted last year, only 78,838 were nominated for Ontario.

Consequently, British Columbia held the second most position. While the applicants for the province were 22,153, Alberta was recorded with 8,868. At the same time, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia nominated 3,708 and 3,532 respectively.

When the job profiles were considered, software engineers received maximum ITAs for 2018. In the pool, consultants and Information Systems Analysts were second on the list.

The list then followed with programmers, administrative assistants, and auditors.

Surprisingly, lecturers, management consultants, investment analysts, and public relations managers constituted only 2 per cent of the ITAs.

When the invitations were issued as per the country of citizenship, those staying in India received maximum ITAs.

The number of Indian citizens was 41,675 while those from China were 6,248.

After going through the list, the Nigerian citizens got 6,025 ITAs in 2018. These citizens grabbed the third position on the list.

After considering the age, candidates who received the ITA were more than 20 years and less than 29 years old.

In terms of education, 48 per cent had got a Master’s degree. The candidates with a degree to move ahead with a profession were also eligible.

Numerous candidates hadn’t worked for a company in Canada. In fact, the individuals held five years of work experience from firms outside the country.

Towards the end, David Cohen spoke about the evolution of the Express Entry System. It was exciting to know that more than 90,000 foreign workers were able to enter Canada. With the statistics for 2018, the future seems bright for immigrants. The number of immigrants would increase as high admission targets are set for 2019 and 2020.

If you are not aware of Express Entry, then it’s a system that manages applicants for three classes. These classes include the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Every candidate has to meet certain criteria for the programs. He or she is evaluated based on age, education, work experience, and French or English proficiency. Moreover, he may have to present relevant documents if he hasn’t worked in the country.

In case the applicant is planning to enter the country with his family, then this can boost the CRS score to a certain extent. After the application is submitted, the candidate needs to be patient. He would have to wait until the officials process the application. The processing time depends on the actual profiles and the count in the Express Entry System’s pool.

ITAs have now been issued to more than 92,000 individuals
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ITAs have now been issued to more than 92,000 individuals
The Express Entry draw in 2018 saw over 92,000 ITAs been issued, an increase of over 41 per cent more than the one recorded for the year 2017.
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