How Easy it is to Immigrate to Canada?

Immigrating to Canada may not be that easier as you think about. In order to apply for permanent residence, you would have to take some steps. Besides, the person has to be patient as it can take a few months to get through. But, if you’re eager to know more about the various options, then you could read ahead. So just How Easy it is to Immigrate to Canada via the:

Express Entry Program

The immigration program of Canada allows individuals to stay and work in Canada. A person can pursue his journey ahead as a skilled worker through the Express Entry system.

While he or she submits the application, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) would assess the profile.

Once the person meets the eligibility criteria, he would then be considered as an immigrant. Later, he would be recruited for one of the programs of Express Entry.

Among the programs, the person would be selected for streams related to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. He may also get selected in case he comes under the Canadian Experience Class.

To move ahead, the CRS score should match with the cut-off score at every draw. But, before that, the candidate should have an active profile in the system.

In case the profile is due to expire within 3 months, then the officials wouldn’t consider the candidate.

Family Class Sponsorship

Family Reunification has always been among the Canadian immigration policies. Under this program, family members residing in Canada can sponsor for their relatives.

The person can take the necessary steps only if the relative is ready to stay in the country for a long time span.

For qualifying for the sponsorship, the family member has to be a citizen of Canada or a permanent residence.

Moreover, a spouse or a child below the age of 22 years is also eligible to sponsor the concerned person.

As time rolled by, the officials haven’t considered people who want to support their parents or grandparents.

However, the person can bring the individual to Canada through the Super Visa Category.

But, under the Super Visa Category, there’s always a likelihood of the application getting rejected. The person then has to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. This lawyer would then understand the situation and would further help the person to process the application.

LMIA Work Visa

When you’re wondering on how easy it is to immigrate to Canada, then it’s better to get a valid job offer. Once you receive a job offer from a company based in Canada, you can later apply for a work visa.

After you have worked with the organization for some time, you can try to immigrate to Canada.

With regards to LMIA, you would have to produce the assessment only if you fall under Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

But, to get the LMIA application, you need to pay a good amount of money to the government.

In the interim period, you should be ready with the relevant documents. In case the officials reject the application, then you would have to face a big loss.

As per the requirement of the LMIA, it’s necessary to submit the application six months prior to the first day at the company.

But, if you are have secured a job which is in demand, then you just need to wait for ten days. The application would surely get processed in some days.

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

The Provincial Nominee Programs are now becoming popular for immigrating to Canada. Every province, except Quebec and Nunavut, has come up with a program.

Once the candidate gets nominated through the province, 600 points would be added to the CRS score. This further increases the chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in the country.

In case the person is not aware about the suitable immigration pathway, then he or she can use the Canada PNP finder. The tool would also help to stay updated with the trends related to the PNPs.

Way ahead, the future seems bright for people who qualify through the provincial programs.

As per the news published on July 19, 2019, people with a CRS score as much as 425 did receive an invitation. This figure is quite less than 600 bonus points that would be added to the score.

The officials have now increased the admission targets for 2019 and the years ahead. They would be accepting profiles of those who are willing to contribute towards economic development. But, while the officials go through the profiles, the person should be pursuing an eligible occupation.

While the occupations differ from program to program, these should be in the NOC list for 2019.

Canadian Investor Immigration

The Investor category is formed for people with high net worth. While the person should be running a business overseas, he should be able to invest in the economy. This would help to contribute to the overall growth as well as make the country prosperous.

Under this category, there are many ways for people to immigrate. The Quebec immigration program allows the person to invest around $750,000.

After two or three years, the person can obtain permanent residence. This would entitle the person and his family to enter Canada.

As soon as five years pass away, the government of Quebec would pay back the entire amount.

In case $750,000 seems quite high, then the person can take a loan. At that instance, he needs to approach a bank that offers financial support to people.

On the other hand, the person can take the advantage of the Quebec Entrepreneur program. To qualify for the program, he needs to own assets worth $280,000. He should also be managing a business for at least two years.

As he is willing to invest $94,000, the person should be capable to acquire a minimum of 25 percent equity. This equity refers to that of a business established in Canada.

Finally, when the officials assess the application, they would consider the person’s age, language skills, and personal traits. In case you are going through training sessions, then the duration would also be taken into account.

While you are figuring out how easy it is to immigrate to Canada, you could assess yourself through an online form.

How Easy it is to Immigrate to Canada?
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