Canadian Government issues ITAs to 41,800 candidates

The Express Entry latest draw in the first half of the year 2019 was remarkable in the history of Canada’s Express Entry system. It was observed that the Canadian government issued 41,800 invitations to apply for permanent residence. 

Across six months this year, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted 13 draws. These led to offer more ITAs as the admission target for the programs was increased. In future, the second half would be busier than any other period. 

Apart from increasing the target for Express Entry, the officials plan to also improve it for the provincial nominee programs. 

Well, this is not the first time when the year seemed to be busy. In 2017, many ITAs were issued to applicants. The number rose drastically since the Express Entry System was introduced in January 2015. 

As per statistical data, 92,000 Express Entry candidates were allowed to enter Canada in 2018. These were considered permanent residents along with the families.

 The year 2018 saw an increase of 41 per cent when the figures were compared to the ones in 2017. This reflects that Canada has increased the admission targets for all the three programs. 

While many ways are offered to be a permanent resident, the officials also considered the Provincial Nominee Program. 

After combining the targets, the number of permanent residents may be equal to 160,100. This trend would be perceived in future when 2021 commences. 

This conclusion was drawn when Canada’s multi-year immigration levels plan was taken into consideration.

IRCC followed a new approach for the draws held during the first half of 2019. It was found that the draw sizes didn’t change but remained the same at 3350. These findings were recorded since the end of January 2019.

As compared to last year, these draw sizes didn’t fluctuate or increase at a specific rate. But, even when the draw sizes lacked volatility, more ITAs were issued in the first half this year. While the number was quite significant, the current ITA record was equal to 89,800.

With an increase in the admission targets, the second half of the year may appear the busiest. 

The results of an Express Entry draw are based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. In case the person scores more than the cut-off score, then he or she gets an ITA. 

Many factors can impact the CRS score. The cut-off score can vary due to the draw size and the time interval between draws. Besides, the cut-off score is dependent on the number of candidates in the pool for the Express Entry latest draw. 

The effect was perceived when the cut-off score was 438 for a draw after January 30. Soon after three weeks, the cut-off score rose to 457 for a draw on February 20. Subsequently, the cut-off score declined to 450 on May 1 when draws were held after every two weeks. 

The minimum score had now been 470 since a month passed away from May 1 to the next invitation round held on May 29. 

It was therefore observed that the time between draws determines the cut-off score. When more time passes by, many more individuals can be a part of the Express Entry pool. 

On the other hand, if the time elapsed between draws is less, then the pool has less time to restore to a certain level. Eventually, the pool accepts candidates with a low CRS score when the cut-off score gets reduced.

Streams under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) have now offered ways to apply for permanent residence. The Express Entry candidates could now qualify to become a permanent residence even if the score is less. Such a kind of trend was observed over the past six months. 

In case the applicant is nominated from the province, then 600 points would be added to the CRS score. This would further assure the person to get an ITA no matter what the original CRS score might be.

To qualify for Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker Express Entry sub-category, the individual doesn’t need a minimum CRS score. This norm is also applicable for PNP streams like those related to the Skilled Trades and Skilled Worker.

Way back, eight draws during six months were conducted for Saskatchewan’s Express Entry sub-category. These draws issued a total of 1166 ITAs for provincial nomination during the period.

To get nominated from Saskatchewan, eligible individuals need to register with the relevant Immigration Nominee Program. Once they register, they have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile. 

Firstly, the applicant has to register and create an OASIS account. Later, he or she needs to provide personal details along with the email address and the current location. 

Once the person seeks answers to some questions, he needs to give details to an immigration consultant. Later, he needs to complete the EOI profile to obtain a point score depending on the EOI points grid. 

Once the profile is reviewed, the applicant has to submit the completed EOI profile. 

The Labour Market Priorities Stream of Novia Scotia has also invited without a minimum score. Such a situation was observed with 312 candidates who had work experience in childhood education. This work experience helped them to qualify and apply for provincial nomination. 

The other PNP streams have set a minimum CRS score as one of the criteria. However, this score was less than the cut-off score, as observed during the Federal draws across six months. 

The Alberta Express Entry Stream was used for numerous occasions to look for eligible candidates. But, as the officials paced ahead, a score between 300 and 302 was recorded for eight occasions.

As time rolled by, it is now essential to submit an Express Entry profile to get selected for any of the provincial nominee streams. 

With the number of ITAs issued, David Cohen, who is the Senior Partner working with Campbell, said that the first half of 2019 seemed quite impressive. As the labour market needs evolve at the provincial level, Express Entry Candidates can certainly aspire to become a permanent residence of Canada. 

Canadian Government issues ITAs to 41,800 candidates
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Canadian Government issues ITAs to 41,800 candidates
Learn more about the latest Express Entry latest draw where the Canadian Government issues 41,800 ITA's in the first half of 2019.
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