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TIC gives the appropriate direction and step-by-step technique to ensure that the customer receives complete information on visa preparation. At TIC, we specialise in relocating individuals and families to foreign countries, alerting you to administrative procedures and other processes related to immigration. We have made our mark in business by providing expert support and immigration assistance to those trying to settle, work or study abroad.

The TIC point is to serve the candidates by helping them carry out their dream by effectively helping them get a visa. We help you enjoy your migration experience by reducing the pressure. TIC is the Best Immigration Consultants in Kolhapur, and we help with Permanent Occupancy in Canada, Australia and many other destinations.

TIC has a remarkable history that embodies the greatness for which we are generally known. The main goal of TIC is to provide you with top-notch immigration consultants and a wide range of unique career paths in Canada. TIC has brought together the absolute best in-house Canada Migration Consultants in Kolhapur. They are aware of the continuous development of the laws, rules and guidelines of the Canadian Immigration Framework.

Canada is probably the largest nation with a considerable number of opportunities for development in different ventures. Canada invites individuals from all societies and religions, and you will discover the same freedoms for all. Canada welcomes people from all cultures and traditions and offers equal privileges to all. Plan Canada Immigration with the support of our TIC consultant right here in Kolhapur.

Why pick The Immigration Consultants in Kolhapur?

Numerous individuals from all walks of life effectively immigrated to Canada from cities Kolhapur, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Belgaum.

Canada’s agricultural area is hugely popular, and many Indian farmers have effectively set up their homes after moving to Canada.

TIC is perhaps the most experienced, equipped, and talented immigration consultants who will generally meet the candidate’s requirements quickly and successfully and productively. We also convey accurate results without obstructions in an advantageous manner, which helps you obtain your PR Visa in the shortest time possible.

Working with TIC can provide you with the necessary security and insurance to apply for a PR visa. With an impeccable achievement rate of 97%, the possibility of a visa refusal is eliminated.

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Canada: the second-largest country globally, is an assortment of ten vast areas and three regions. Canada’s flag holds a large red maple leaf in the middle with thick red borders on the sides. Canada addresses the Federal Constitutional Monarchy with a system of parliamentary majority rules. Ottawa is the capital city, while Toronto is the largest city in the country. The dialects of the authority of the nation are English and French.

It is divided into ten regions and three regions and has various kin, scenery, environment and lifestyle. Canada boasts of having a friendly, thoughtful, harmonious, adoring and secure society. It involves distinct geological regions: the Atlantic, Central Canada, the Prairie, the West Coast and the North.

Canada is one of the largest G-7 nations. Consistently, more than 300,000 individuals move to Canada under different classes. It is a country for immigrants. The public authority gives many free benefits to its citizens and permanent residents, such as free schooling, free clinical, welfare, employment benefits, child tax benefits, old age security benefits, etc.

Canada has both a custom and a strategy to empower multicultural diversity. Almost all of the world’s ethnic groups are present in Canada. New migrants are likely to observe the most beautiful, typical habitats on the planet. For nine sequential years (1994-2002), the United Nations identified Canada as one of the best three places on the earth to live.

Canada acquired excellent ratings for academic achievement, a strong future (because of the general free medical care framework) and low rates of ill-treatment and viciousness.

Canada’s largest urban communities, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, have been perceived as elite urban areas for living and working, their tidiness and well-being, and their social exercises and desirable ways of life.

Canada is a rapidly developing country with an expected annual growth rate of 2.4%. It’s probably the most extravagant nation in the world. What’s more, it’s also one of the leading producers of a few minerals.

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    FAQ for Canada Immigration

    The Immigration Consultants in Goa offer you a successful immigration service for migrants from India. As a leading immigration consultant in Goa, we have established our business position by providing expert advice and immigration assistance to those looking to settle, work or study abroad. Hire us today! 

    The Canadian immigration consultants may charge you from 60k to 95k or considerably all the more relying on their administrations, etc.

    Yes, you can. 

    Several immigration programs are available for Canadian migrants that allow you to apply for permanent residency in Canada without securing employment or an offer letter. We would suggest you apply for permanent residence if you are considered a Skilled Worker. 

    To obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident visa in 2021, you must have a good CRS scoreOne of the ways is if you are a Student and attained the cut-off score, and you can get a PR (Permanent Residency) visa for Canada. 

    It depends on your expenses. It would also depend on where in Canada you want to live and how you want to live. Furthermore, salaries can vary significantly due to company, location, industry, experience, and benefits. 
    For instance, if you want to enjoy yourself a little more in Canada and want to have savings, your income should be more than 40k dollars.