ANIP would help individuals to apply for in demand jobs in Alberta

The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) has helped many individuals to immigrate to Alberta. IRCC sets aside a quota every year for immigration. Last year, the ministry authorized Alberta to issue more than 6000 nominee certificates. In 2019, till date, more than 850 nomination certificates have been issued by the Canadian Province. While 2650 applicants are waiting for the nomination, others can register soon.

Many opportunities in the service industry are observed in 2019. Moreover, Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, focuses on financial, energy services and those in the IT sector. An individual can also submit their applications for jobs in the retail, tourism, aerospace, tourism and the manufacturing sectors.  The AINP can fulfill someone’s immigration dream. The program has different categories for workers and international graduates. The categories are displayed depending on the skills of the individuals. 

The list of in-demand jobs in Alberta, Canada

Among the occupations, the profile of transport and equipment operators is on top of the list. There are many opportunities in the service industry, as well. The list is as follows:

  • Automobile Technicians 
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Restaurant managers, attendants and cooks
  • Miners, workers and drillers for the oil and gas sector
  • Sales representatives, clerks and cashiers for the retail sector
  • Technicians for automobiles 
  • Contractors and supervisors
  • Insurance and finance clerks

Before applying to the jobs, it’s better to approach an immigration consultant. While you ask everything on your mind, you can confirm permanent residency status. You can also check for the eligibility through an online form.  As you come across the form, you need to fill personal details. Later, you need to enter the country you live in and select your qualification. In case you have worked with an organization, then you need to register in the years of experience. Eventually, you can probably enter your queries or any other information you wish to seek.

It’s necessary for the applicant to meet specific criteria before he applies to the program. The candidate will qualify if he has got a job offer from a company in Alberta. Besides, he should hold some years of work experience which prospective employers would look for. The person must obtain a minimum score in the language proficiency test. These tests are nothing but the IELTS or the CLB.  A minimum score of 4 is required for the CLB test. However, if the person is applying to the ANIP under the code 3413, then the CLB score has to be at least 7.

The program would also go through tests related to French language proficiency. The score for Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens (NCLC) should either be 4 or higher. The test results should be less than two years old when it’s time to accept the application officially. 

At the time of applying to the ANIP, the person should be interested in staying in the province. The person should also have the intention to work in Alberta. While the person intends to work, he should have a valid work permit. Apart from this, he should possess skills as per NOC 0, A and B. Legal proof of residence has to be shown while applying to the program. The person should also have a confirmation letter related to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA refers to a document that employers seek before hiring foreign workers. 

If the job profile states a positive LMIA as one of the criteria, then the job is meant for foreign workers. A Canadian can’t apply to such kind of opportunities or vacancies. Under the program for skilled workers, the applicant and the employer has to fill up the AINP 005 form together. The person has to present a civil identity proof as he applies to one of the openings.  If you are still unsure about the occupation in the list stated above, then find out the job title based on the duties. You later have to call the Alberta Information Service or send across an email to the immigration team. 

An Alberta PNP Points Calculator is introduced to evaluate candidates. For every entry, the Alberta government would allocate some points. These points would be based on certain factors. These include education, age, language skills, work experience, arranged employment, and adaptability.  While a maximum of 25 points is set for education, not more than 28 points would be set for language skills. As far as the work experience is concerned, the person would be given a maximum of 15 points. 

The applicants who score a minimum of 67 out of 100 points would qualify. These individuals can apply to any one of the streams of the program. To enhance the chances of selection, the applicant has to ensure that he scores more through his educational background. The person can earn extra points if he or she is immigrating with his/her life partner. As the principal applicant, you could score five more adaptability points. 

In case you aren’t sure, then you can fill up an online form. This would help you check for eligibility for the streams under the nominee program. You can later move ahead and perceive what you need to go ahead. Post submission of the application, you need to wait till it gets processed. The processing time may vary as per the labour market information. It can also depend on the date on which the application has been received. Once everything is approved, the authorities will issue a nomination certificate. 

The entire process may around 7 to 8 months. But, that may depend on the number of applications the authorities have received. The period may also vary from profile to profile.  Since regulations of Alberta PNP are likely to change suddenly, the Alberta government may ask for any document. So, to speed up the process, please contact us.

ANIP would help individuals to apply for in demand jobs in Alberta
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ANIP would help individuals to apply for in demand jobs in Alberta
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